Miedema Companies offer a variety of solutions for your needs.

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Repocast.com, Inc. is a Miedema Company

Over the past 28 years the Miedema group has developed specific companies to help all types of businesses to liquidate assets.
  • Miedema Auctioneering, Inc.: performing all types of live auctions across the United States, such as farm, agricultural, industrial, real estate, etc .
  • Orbitbid.com, Inc.: currently liquidates assets across the United States for the World's Largest Retailer and other Fortune 500 companies on a weekly basis for those who do not want to conduct their own online auctions.
  • LASTBIDrealeastate.com, Inc.: conducting online real estate auctions for many property types throughout Michigan, Indiana, Illinois & Ohio.
  • Rangerbid.com: providing opportunity to sell your item without the costs usually associated with transporting your equipment to a fixed auction site. This is done by listing the item(s) yourself, right from your location.
  • SSL Corporation: SSL CORP is our federally licensed firearms dealership that specializes in selling all types of firearms and accessories – primarily through our weekly online auctions.  Our two independent locations are within our Repocast.com facilities and sell to eligible buyers across the United States.  We also specialize in selling private collections, individuals firearms, and for municipalities departments of Public Safety Departments. If you are interested in selling or purchasing firearms contact us at 616-432-6640.

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